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Construction Factoring - Subcontractor Factoring

Give us a chance to earn your business. You'll be glad you did.

Construction factoring can help you meet your financial obligations.  You can have cash right now and  then let us wait on the payment for you.

There are thousands of companies world wide that have grown and prospered as a direct result of factoring. When nothing else filled the bill, factoring was there.

The process is simple. You send us your receivable and we wire cash to your bank account. The fee for this service is generally 2-5% depending on your generals credit rating, volume and amount of time between wire transfer and receivable being paid. Construction factoring for subcontractors

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Are big  jobs using up all your working capital?

Are you turning down jobs because you can't cover the basic operating costs?

Are you having trouble covering payroll?

Do you lack cash needed to fuel your growth?

Do you lack the credit to access more capital?


Construction Factoring Provides  

bulletFaster Payment
bulletNo Debt is Created
bulletLeverage Off Customers Credit
bulletFast and Easy
bulletImproved Cash Flow
bulletContinuous Source of Operating Capital

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Who qualifies?

bulletElectircal Contractors
bulletSteel Contractors
bulletHeat & Air Contractors
bulletPainting Contractors
bulletand many others


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If you would like to learn more about factoring you may want to check out some of these articles. If you are unable to find them just fill out the feedback form below and we can email them to you.

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