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Receivable Finance & Invoice Factoring

Receivable finance (invoice factoring) is a simple and effective process of exchanging the value in your receivables for cash. Its quite simple.  You obtain the working capital you need by leveraging your accounts receivable. Cash is advanced to you on each receivable you choose to submit. In about 24 hours

Similar to a store accepting a credit card. You are paid immediately and a small fee is paid for the service.

This is one of the oldest and most used forms of finance in the world. Historically reserved for very large corporation but in the last few decades it has been offered to smaller and more divers businesses.

Similar to accepting a credit card from a consumer. You get cash now but the customer can pay later. invoice factoring

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Some Key Benefits

bulletStrengthen your cash position
bulletFree up and use this valuable asset
bulletRelax and enjoy the comfort of smooth cash flow
bulletIts extremely fast and extremely flexible

Think about it...

What could you do if you had an unlimited supply of working capital?

Early payment discounts:
Take advantage of early payment discounts from your vendors such as your 2/10 net 30s. 
Ease the stress:
End the worrying about payments coming in fast enough to cover payments going out.
Working capital:
Free the power of one of your most valuable assets thereby unlocking the potential of your company and its growth.

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CALL NOW - 877.531.2369 or 417.437.3949

for a No pressure, No obligation and No cost consultation

If you would like to learn more about factoring here are some related books.

Factoring and the Accountant in Practice-a practical guide for advisers by F. R. Salinger, Publisher Tolley Publishing Company Limited, Croydon, Surrey

Dun & Bradstreet's Handbook of Modern Factoring and Commercial Finance by Louis A. Moskowitz, Publisher Thomas Y. Crowell Company;

Factoring Services by Prof. A. K. Sengupta & Dr S. V. Kuvalekar, Publisher Skylark Publications

Financing Without Borrowing by Fred Horwin & Tom Wheatley Publisher Harold Leroy & Co.

Factoring in the UK Published by BCR Publishing in Bromley, Kent

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Here's a video from IFG a great factoring company. They

describe one form of factoring.

Call us and we can give you details on which may be best for

your business and situation


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